Monday, February 3, 2014

We’re going totally digital with IPads

Well, I'm glad that you've gotten the car problem all taken care of. I don't get why people do the things that they do- doesn't make any sense. It's sad to see the Nissan Sentra go- it will forever rest in my memories (can you break like a mirror off, or rip the radio out for a keepsake of my delivery days?)

This past week was pretty slow, we had a lot of lessons fall through. We did have two really good lessons though. (they were our only lessons, but quality over quantity right?) We finally were able to meet with this really nice lady that I hadn't seen in months. We'd kept stopping by, but she's just been really busy- which is understandable. I feel like our lesson went well, she's really open which is always nice!

You meet a lot of really cool people with interesting histories and backgrounds, I was thinking about that after talking with this really awesome guy who's less-active. I think you can learn so much from people's experiences. He just talked with us about how he drifted out of the church in his life, and about all sorts of crazy stories he had (like being a lower priest in the church of Satan for awhile)! But it's really neat to get to speak with so many people about their lives, what brought them to where they're at now- just so many different experiences to draw and learn from!

So something that's really interesting that I've been withholding for a little while- this Wednesday we're getting another big change-up to the Portland mission... We're each now going totally digital with iPads! No more area books, getting information around is totally different, we have all sorts of videos, manuals, articles, talks at our fingertips! It's crazy! Some of the leadership (zone leaders, etc.) have gotten them and Elder Lasley, one of my zone leaders, was flaunting his new device and it looks freaking sweet! I'll send you some pictures of me using it, and teaching with it!~

Well, love you all! Hope you have an awesome week!

---Elder Samuel A. Burge

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