Monday, February 10, 2014

Snowed out in Portland


It's been a crazy week for us so sorry I didn't get around to taking some pictures of my teaching and such.. This week was pretty crazy, we did in fact get snow- a LOT of snow! (But luckily I had this fancy new iPad to keep me busy).

So on Wednesday we had an "electronic devices" meeting and got formally issued our iPads. It's been interesting having it, to be honest. I've been so deprived of technology for so long it's strange
having to work with it. Like, for example, we've been trying to score free wifi from people in our area! It's been interesting, but I enjoy it. With the gospel library we get to study all sorts of institute
manuals, videos, teachings of prophets, etc. I really like that part, and now we can show people videos, church websites, scriptures, and all sorts of stuff so easily. They're iPad Mini's- good size for us, I think.

Well, after our district meeting on Thursday we went out to eat and as we were eating we got a call from the mission office about the incoming blizzard. We were told to head back to our apartments and stay hunkered down (also to start converting our area books over to our iPads, which took forever).

Well, on the way back to West Linn the roads were chaotic. People rushing to get home to avoid the snow, it was already getting bad when we got back to the apartment. So we stayed in with the West Linn elders and spent the the rest of the day there. Luckily they had a pizza place by them so for dinner we got wings and pizza! We were like the only people there, kind of cool. Then we drove back and that was sketchy! The roads weren't plowed (because there is like one snow-plow in the state of Oregon) and we had to get up this pretty steep hill to get home that night. Luckily the snow in Utah had gotten me accustomed to sliding and fish-tailing all over the road.

So the rest of the weekend we spent a lot of time in the apartment-the roads were crazy and slick. The world shuts down here when there's snow. People were all walking everywhere, this one family had a fire pit in the middle of the street while their kids snowboarded down this hill by their house! It was pretty funny. We tried to go around shoveling driveways and NOBODY would let us help them, people resisted pretty heavily to us helping the, in any way and it was so weird! I don't get why people wouldn't let us help... It's kind of frustrating, but whatever.

I stayed really warm though (used my scarf for the first time and I was surprised at how much that helped), and luckily we had members close by to hang out with/use their wifi. This one family decided to go out to the grocery store while we were there and on the way back got hit by a car sliding down this steep hill! They had like $8,000 in damages- so they asked us if we wanted to eat some $8,000 pizza! Either way, our week was really slow.. All of our lessons were cancelled so we didn't teach at all this week, which was a bummer but we'll (hopefully) have some lessons this week! We have a few planned but the snow is still kind of bad.

Well, tell pops I feel his pain - I get incredibly paranoid whenever I even see cops now (and I drive a bit like an old man).. Well I gotta' go but I hope y'all have a good week. I love you guys.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge
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