Monday, February 10, 2014

Sam sent pictures…

Oh, those Oregon State Beavers and their practical jokes!!

Finally an investigator who is happy to see us!

Elder Burge ponders the Wiley-Martin handcart experience

IPads AND Snow?!

Who's up for pizza?!

Scraping ice

Snow covered missionary mobile

How are we ever going to find our car?  There is 1” of snow on them!

Hey Elder, let’s see how fast we can take this curve.

The scarf

They’re like kids at Christmas – who got socks!!!

More excited missionaries – the one with the Voss is probably hoping for a bathroom break.

The sisters are way into this training meeting

Did he get on the internet and find out he got “dear johned”?


Thift shop shoes – Macklemore’s got nothin’ on missionaries

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