Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine’s Day Fun

Yeah, the blizzard experience was really cool- funny that they call it a blizzard though. It was weak, nothing like a good snow-storm in Utah. I can't take credit for the snowman, we were walking home and he was just chilling outside our apartment building (pun intended).

This week was good! We had some really good visits with some of the people we're teaching. Got to talk with one of them about getting answers and coming to believe it's true, it was awesome! If we could just get some of them to commit to getting baptized though (that would be good). I'm excited for the Willamette ward though, they'd set a goal to get twenty baptisms this year! That's over half of what the stake saw as a whole last year, but there's a lot of faith from everybody! We had at least four people at church that either through the members living the gospel or the grace of a God brought to sacrament meeting! One lady slipped and split her chin open during the snow-storm and one of the brothers in the ward took her to the doctor's. He invited her to church and she was so grateful and loved his living of the gospel. Turns out her doctor was in the ward too! She came yesterday with her son and it was awesome! I hope we can start teaching her soon. Another crazy miracle was this media referral we got months ago we couldn't contact came to church all on her own with her husband! We, unfortunately, didn't see them and found out after church... But a ward missionary luckily talked to her and welcomed her to come back. It was pretty good yesterday, I definitely see things working here to help the ward reach their goals and bring so many people into the gospel. It's sweet!

Well, it sounds like your Valentine's day was as romantic as mine! Elder Stovall and I ate at this diner nearby, it was pretty good. Surprisingly enough we had stuff to do that day, I thought it would be slow since everybody is out on their Valentine's dates.

Oh, my plans for when I get back home... Being as contemplative as I am, I've thought a lot about what I'm going to do when I get back. I honestly still don't really know. I figure I'll apply at USU, U of U, and BYU. Just see which ones I'd get accepted into and make a choice when it gets closer. I've thought about doing SLCC for the first little while, but I'm not so sure. I'm thinking living in a dormitory my first year would kind of fun though- real college experience! I want to get into school beginning in January; I'm not going to waste my time just hanging out doing nothing. I'll have a few week(s) when I get home to just relax and get everything in order, then get into college. I'll definitely need help getting applications turned in, and getting some things figured out though.

I think the only thing I've got planned for sure is to just sleep for like three days. I'm always exhausted in all meanings of the word. "The sleep of a labouring man is sweet", the scriptures say and it's definitely true.

Well, I love you all. Have a good week! Don't let the bird get into to much trouble.

-Elder Samuel Burge

Grandma & Grandpa fixed me up!!!
I like the shirt

It fits perfect

Sunset Market – it’s ghetto awesome

Under surveillance

Making our approach

Mission accomplished

Elder Stovall, are you excited?

 Oh, the intensity.

I’m really excited

Our Valentine’s feast has arrived!!!!

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