Tuesday, February 25, 2014

“Aloha!” from the Aloha 2nd Ward!!!


As you can probably already guess, I got transferred yesterday- I'm now a district leader up in the Aloha 2nd ward! Even better is I'm back on a bike (which I'm happy about)!

I was on an exchange on Saturday with the district leader when we got the transfer information and found out I was leaving. So I went around and said goodbye to some of the investigators we have and said goodbye to the ward on Sunday. These past four and half months went by actually pretty quickly- and by Sunday night I can honestly say I felt like I was successful in the Willamette area. I don't know, just coming away from this area I feel like I tried my best and even though I didn't have incredible amounts of lesson taught or any baptisms I feel (and even got to see for myself) people grow closer to Jesus Christ, and to start making steps in the gospel. That was something I needed, and I'm glad that I got it.

So I'm now in Aloha, Oregon (which is right next to Beaverton). Apparently, none of the bishops here start sacrament meeting with a big "Aloha!~" (lame). It's a cool area, I really like it thus far. We got to walk around a busier street pretty close to us- we tried to talk with some people doing some street contacting but didn't have much luck. Either way, I feel like it's going to be a good area! We're living with some members in this area, which I'm kind of disappointed about. It's not that I don't like the people we live with (I already really like the family we're staying with), but I just enjoy being in an apartment by ourselves much better.

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