Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We’re just continuing to get out there and work


Well I'm glad that Kayleigh is doing alright- that sounds really scary. I'd be pretty freaked out too if I lost my vision. Hopefully nobody else gets too terribly sick or have medical problems.

This week was pretty alright- we're just continuing to get out there and work. Haven't had much success teaching some of our more promising families and people though. People have been sick, life's been busy for some of them, etc. We have one family that wants to set firm times to meet every week though which is great! I really like them too, down to earth people I enjoy talking with. We have some pretty consistent people still though, which is nice (like John, the guy we work out with and read scripture with. I love John, he's freakin' awesome!)

It's a little weird having just one companion again, but I've pretty much adjusted back now. He's doing good over in his new area up in Aloha (which is right next to Beaverton). It's funny though because his Facebook got hacked and he's been getting super bad posts thrown up on his wall! We got a call during choir practice on Sunday from this guy in our ward telling us about it. So we changed his password and got onto his account at the church, but it happened again not even five minutes ago so now we had to deactivate his account! It's pretty funny- one of the people we meet with made tons of jokes about him after he read the inappropriate post! It was pretty funny!

That's pretty funny you all got Portland on that quiz! I'm 99% that's how they assign people to where they're called to serve: plugging your personal information into a Facebook quiz! Just kidding- but speaking of apostles, Elder Christofferson is coming to speak with the Portland missionaries on Friday! I'm excited for that, it should be really good and insightful. Hopefully he doesn't "gently rebuke" us too much..!

I'm glad to hear that Ben is getting out into the dating scene, there's hidden treasures inside every singles ward (hopefully). It sounds like school is going well for everybody- I'm glad to hear that Silas is doing better now that he's in a better fitted math class. I think getting the right class is so crucial to get anywhere in the subject, I wish I could have taken my sophomore math class again and still have gotten a math credit.. I saw some of Mom's pictures with her team out in SLC for their teaching conference. Whenever we try to do an overnight trip for our zone conferences we always get yelled at!!

Well, I hope that things go better for everybody this week. I'll hopefully have a good story or two for next week. Also, I promise I'll write back to everybody that's written me within the next day or two!

Love you,

Elder Samuel A. Burge

(I didn't have many pictures this week- but now Mom can rest assured that I get a wholesome breakfast!)

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