Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frustration & a Little Miracle

Well, I didn't get off terribly easy. I would've been able to get it reduced if I drove out into Portland (out of our mission I think) to some driving course but he was being really difficult so I ended up paying $200 for the ticket.. Nothing came out of the speeding ticket either - but that's alright. Part of life: paying speeding tickets when you don't always feel the fee was justified.

Transfers were today - Elder Pearson is being transferred out, training a new missionary, and is being white-washed (he and his new companion are both new to the area). It was a bit daunting for him I think, but he's going to do great! So Elder Stovall and I will be together for another six weeks - which is alright with me. So I'm still here in Willamette for a little while! Elder Pearson is happy (and I'm envious) because he's going to a bike area in Aloha (which is like a part of Beaverton).

My week was a bit frustrating last week, I'd lost my camera on preparation day and I couldn't find it anywhere! I was so ticked about it, but luckily I still get some tender mercies from time to time and I figured I would check the West Linn elder's car one more time to see if it was in there and sure enough, I found it this morning! I'd checked the glove compartment twice, but third time was the charm! (Sorry, but no pictures this week.)

We're going to start working out with a less-active in our area, his apartment complex has a sweet gym and so we're going to get both physically and spiritually stacked with him! ("Stacked" is apparently another word for getting quite muscular.) We also had a little miracle happen- there's a really awesome guy we're teaching, and we talked with his son once or twice but never for very long. Well, he has a friend in the ward and apparently asked him at school for a copy of the Book of Mormon. So we of course gave him a Book of Mormon and he took it to school. He told the kid in our ward that he was going to try and read a chapter a night! It was a freakin' awesome phone call to get right before you're going home for the night!

Winter school- sounds like a blast! I had friends that would always tell me how lame it was, and that it was a huge joke. Hopefully that goes well for Silas. Math is gonna' kill me when I get home and start going to school..!

Well, I hope that my older brother can find some game before I get home! Or some girls that he'd actually want to date!

Well, I'm glad Dad is getting to know Portlandia a little bit better! There's some really crazy weird things to find in the city (again, I pray that I will serve there if even for a short season on my mission). I really want to explore some of those oddities, but getting out there for preparation day is difficult and usually we don't have much time when we go.. Voodoo has some really, uhh, interesting doughnuts on there menu to say the least..!

Well, tell Kayleigh I'd love to get some mail from her! I still have to finish writing my letter back to Silas, and a few other people. I love when I get letters, always makes your day better!

Well, I love you guys. Good luck with school this week!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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