Monday, January 6, 2014

We did a lot of country-side door-knocking this week…

Unfortunately, my court date is for this Thursday in the morning so I have another few days of blissful anticipation! I've heard from people in the area that they'll in the very least lower the fine, so that's comforting. If I'm lucky- maybe I can get off without having to pay anything!

Our week was good. Not the best week I've ever had, but we had some good lessons with a few less-active people in the Willamette area. (We had two of them come to church, which is sweet.) We did a lot of country-side door-knocking this week! (well, only like two hours) but that was really successful actually! We met some people that love Mormons- they just moved into the area and some of their best friends were members. Her parents from California were there and they also liked us a lot.. It's funny though, he was asking about us being eagle scouts and out of our trio nobody quite made it that far! He likes neckerchiefs though- a lot. Her husband (which we didn't meet) is apparently a really nice guy, but isn't the...friendliest person at first encounters. So we'll see how our return visit goes!

There was another lady we met that was golden! She was standing outside her house smoking a cigarette, so we went up and started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and Jesus Christ. She was so friendly and curious, so we tried to set up a time to come back... She's moving next week! It sucked because now we have to pass her along to the missionaries up in her new area. We're all on the same team, but I'd really like the Willamette area to score some "touch-downs"..! (It's okay though.)

Besides some other less-friendly woodland folk, that was our week. Transfers are next Monday so I think I'm going to lose both Elder Stovall and Pearson (Pearson definitely, he's been here six months). I'm thinking I'll get a greenie again, but we'll find out this Saturday for transfer calls.

That's exciting, Ben's got a new whip! It's even funnier about the old folks wrecking a brand-new car outside the dealership! It will be cool to see how his new Hyundai drives- and all the bells and whistles. Those are pretty cool, bluetooth is awesome. There's a new line of electric cars made by a company called Tesla, they make these really sweet luxury/sport electric cars. I've seen quite a few of those in this area!

Being on Facebook is kind of interesting.. To be totally honest, I feel like I'm wasting a lot of time trying to find people to talk with. Any success that I've seen from other missionaries has been with like college roommates that they'd talked with a little bit, but I think 90% of the missionaries I've talked with are struggling to find work. I think it's a new avenue to be explored, so it's going to take time before we make online missionary work an effective way of communicating with people. We're going to try "online-tracting"- sending out friend requests to random people we don't know and trying to strike up gospel conversations. Either way, I hope that people back home are at the very least reading some of the posts I've made- maybe I'll start teaching people from back home, who knows!

Well, it's weird to think that Ben is now a sophomore in college and pretty soon I'll be sitting at a high-school reunion tripping over everybody being married with kids, having a mid-life crisis or something.

Have a great week- I love you guys!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

The eagle flies proudly at our post office
Country road

Tracting in the woods

Woodland selfie

Did we walk too far and end up in Chile?

Mossy Oregon

Our day is getting brighter

Feed my sheep?  I think these need a baaaath instead!!!

Abandoned house?

Yep!!  This is creepy.

There’s a screen door, but no front door.

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