Monday, December 30, 2013

Didn’t do too much with the holidays and being sick

Happy birthday, Dad! Now if anything gets him too frustrated on his birthday he can just riddle it with bullet-holes!~

It sounds like you all had a pretty enjoyable Christmas though, which is good to hear. Ben is going to have a car payment, he's in college.. That's the strangest part about being away is how everybody is getting older (Kayleigh's going to be to be sixteen by the time I'm back which is super weird to think about)!

Hope that everybody is feeling better now. Silas is right, I had a very similar experience some tacos and it was the worst night ever.. I still won't eat the beef at fast-food Mexican joints. I spent the two days after Christmas stuck in the apartment because of the flu/cold that I caught. I was feeling really bad, my throat hurt and I was running a pretty high fever. I hated it, you just feel unproductive and there's absolutely nothing to do. I think I watched just about every video produced by the church on the little portable DVD player we have in the apartment. Funny though- I found Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight trying to take some chick to the Provo Temple in a really old seminary video! (The hidden treasures you find sometimes.)

I eventually was feeling good enough to get out and work, so luckily the zone leaders came by to check up on us. They offered to let me go on an exchange with them for the day so I hung out with Elder Bennett and Schildknecht on Saturday.

Don’t get me sick

They could be brothers

They fed me cake!

How can you not be happy at the Walnut Market?

Other than that we didn't really do much this week with the holidays and us being sick, but hopefully we can find work this week! We're excited to get back to work, to say the least.

I hope that your week is good and car shopping goes well- I'll probably get thrown in jail before next Monday so sorry if my next email is late.


Elder Samuel A. Burge

Mission Christmas party pics:
We’re gonna be late

Who’s honking?

We made it just in time

Elders Richey & Varble

My son

 The only missionaries in my MTC group left in the mission

Elder Hendrickson

Elder Lasley

Nice guns?

Elder Wintana with red tie

My Christmas party bounty

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