Monday, May 26, 2014

This week has been fantastic!

Hey family!

This week has been fantastic! We had an amazing week this week- we set two baptismal dates with some people we recently started teaching and it was awesome! We got into our lesson and one of the people we taught, Trisha, had a ton of questions right off the bat from things she's heard, read, and things she's just thought about. Well, it was set up perfectly because every question was related to various aspects of the plan of salvation... Which just so happened to be the lesson we were going to teach, so that was really sweet. So at the end of the lesson we challenged them to be baptized and they readily accepted! We'll have to have them come to church a couple of times (obviously), but I hope they get baptized before this transfer is over so I'm in the area when it happens! (Oh, by the way, I didn't get transferred and either did Elder Snow).

It was also a really good week because we did an incredible amount of service! It was SWEET! We did all sorts of different things: cut up fallen trees for this great guy named Willy, we cleared a field with a weed-whacker for this nice Asian woman who was blown away we would work free of charge, and we also helped some members tear out shingles on the roof of this house one of them was flipping. It was so much fun, I love doing service and so many people actually let us help them this week (which is rare, because usually people will just shut you down).

We got some new sisters and an elder in the district, and they're all awesome! I knew the elder because he was serving in the Stafford Ward while I was down in West Linn, so we talk about Wilsonville all the time when we're together! It's cool to hear about people that got baptized, people they started working with, etc. It's really awesome! But they are all incredibly cool so it's going to be a good transfer!

Well, I'm excited to hear about school getting out for everyone. I hope you all enjoy summer break with your sleeping in, enjoying the warm sun, hanging out all day... I'll just be slaving away in the Lord's cotton field!

Love always,

Elder Burge

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