Monday, June 2, 2014

It's been a slow week- but we had some great successes!

It's been a slow week- but we had some great successes!

So the couple with the baptismal date had to postpone their date.. They're still awesome, and they want to be baptized- they just have had a rough couple of weeks with illness, surgeries, and one of heir grandfathers passed away. So we haven't been able to bring them to church quite yet, but I think early July is when it will happen! Patience is a virtue, I suppose!

We've been meeting with a less-active father and son for the past while, and they've been making amazing progress. We took them to the visitor's center up at the temple this past week and had a great lesson there about God's plan. Sam, the son, has been the one really getting active! He's such a great guy, and he's humble- he feels the Spirit because of it and he's been loving meeting with us, coming to church, etc. They're one of those families you get really close with, we love em'!
So other then that, it's been really slow. A lot of lessons falling through because people got sick, etc. We gotta' do some pretty awesome service though! I don't remember if I mentioned Willy, is guy we've been helping. He's fixing up a house he just bought. We got to try using an auger to drill holes for fence posts, and we shoveled a huge pile of leaves, pine needles, pine cones, sticks, and grass into the bed of a pick-up truck. So amidst that, I think it's where I lost my wallet... It must have fallen out of my pocket and gotten shoveled into the debris.. I've searched everywhere for it- I'm like 85% positive it was in the pile we shoveled in, and was taken to Vancouver to be burned. So on a positive note, I don't anyone will steal my identity, use my temple recommend, or take my money! I'll just be helping erode the O-zone layer and ruining the air. (Sorry Dad.)

Well it sounds nice to be on break for the summer— it's getting pretty hot here (well, it's "Oregon hot" which is like 85 degrees). Luckily we have a ton of fans for our attic room so the nights have been okay. The nights get so hot because nobody has air-conditioning in Oregon, and especially in the attic room it will get incredibly hot during July/August..!

Silas, my companion says that if you want to get a taste of military life then ROTC might not be a bad idea. We were talking about it while he taught me how to shine my shoes, military-grade! My wing-tips are super shiny, it's fantastic! So obviously it's a less-intensified version but it might give you a some-what better idea of what you would want to do.

I was thinking about having to get a job again when I'm home, and what kind of jobs I could look for. Still have no clue what I'm going to do when December comes around.. I had looked over like two of the colleges you sent me, but I've just been so busy between the work in our area, district leader activities (setting up district meetings, calling for stats, making bad jokes about unrighteous authority, etc.) hopefully Ben gets something more of a social life worked out, it's got to be hard between work, school, and trying to find a YSA to get involved with. Does he talk with many people from high school?

Well, I gotta' go. Love you guys, have an awesome week!

-Elder Samuel "Drowsy Bear of the Village", "The Admiral", "Napoleon Bonaparte", "Ruthless District Leader" Burge

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