Monday, June 9, 2014

Our district handed out 106 BOMs & won the challenge!!!

It was a great week for us!

We only taught one lesson this week, but it was a great lesson! We have a family we found knocking some doors that is awesome! The husband is a less-active member and the wife isn't a member. Well, come to find out during our lesson that she wanted to be baptized at 16, but couldn't because of family reasons. She told us that she wants to work towards being baptized! It was awesome, we've been straight-up blessed with awesome people to teach (even though it's not very many).

So our zone accomplished something great this week- we (the DL's) had a meeting with the zone leaders to discuss our goals and districts for the month of June.. After having a great discussion, the zone leaders came up so the theme "What's Your Up?". Everything we do, we should doing it well and always going "up". So it starts with waking up, then we're studying up, knocking it up, keeping your chin up, looking up, etc. Additionally, we decided to do district versus district challenges! A lively challenge to push everybody to greater heights!

So this past week's challenge was from Wednesday to last night (Sunday). The challenge was to hand out as many copies of the Book of Mormon as we could! The east district versus the west district (my district)! The East District made a bold claim saying they could hand out 100 copies and so we decided to "One Up" them by handing out 101!

Near impossible, I honestly did not think we would make it but we saw MIRACLES this week! We handed out 106 COPIES OF THE BOOK OF THE MORMON!! the zone handed out over 200 total in a span of four days! It's absolutely INSANE! We were blown away, we had a couple of sisters in our district hand out 24 copies in a single day! It was the coolest thing ever, they all cranked it out this week and everybody was blessed with miracles!

Our coolest story this week was revolving around the challenge. We were walking down the street, when suddenly from the balcony on the fourth floor of this apartment two guys started yelling out, "hey Mormon missionaries!"

These two, slightly drunk guys were having a party. They started making some jokes, talking with us a bit. These two guys were straight-up gay and after getting closer we discovered one of them was wearing nothing but a scarf (luckily not around his neck!) they had all sorts of questions. After we exchanged some jokes about Beelzebub and the Bible, GQ's fashion magazine, and my apparently "out-of-style" red tie we told them we had a short visit to make. They wanted us to promise that we would come back so we did. Thus we decided we would and interrupt their party to give em' a copy of the Book of Mormon! We got back after our appointment didn't work out, and said a quick prayer in the elevator that things won't go horribly wrong and got out onto the fourth floor. We knocked on the door and a girl outside says, "Hey, you guys probably don't want to do that- there's a party going on inside." So we told her we talked with two of the people there on the balcony and she looks at us for a second and just tells us to go for it then, a bit surprised two missionaries were there.

So we knock, and the guy with the scarf (luckily now clothed) was very surprised we came back. We talked with this guy for a bit about how people have treated him since he's gay, especially some Mormons he knew. After our conversation, he said that we had helped him gain more respect for us again, and that he was definitely more open since we were kind, friendly, and bold enough to come back and talk with him. We eventually had like five guys from this party at the door, and talked with them a bit. They, being slightly drunk, didn't stay attentive for very long and we had all sorts of profane and pretty gnarly gay comments thrown around (obviously trying to unnerve us a bit). We gained their respect though, and even talked with one guy about his awesome experiences with youth at a youth conference in Washington when he was in high school! Eventually they all got sidetracked with their shenanigans, and somehow an AR-15 (luckily unloaded) was somehow acquired and they were all laughing. So we gave one of them a copy of the Book of Mormon and invited them to read it, then got in a picture with them all hanging out while we stood there holding up the Book of Mormon! Haha it's now on Twitter so see if you can find me hanging with some awesome gay broskies on Twitter!!~

It was a crazy weird, but good week! The Read's had Steven (their son about my age) there so we got to hang out with them all week. We love the Read's, such awesome people! She yells at me all the time because whenever she's around I so something stupid in her kitchen, make a huge mess, or something rebuke-worthy..!

I also had chicken and waffles for the first time at a diner today before writing this email! I will be sure to try and send y'all some pictures soon!

Well, I love you and am excited to hear about everything going on at home! Good luck with ROTC, Silas! Looking sharp in your military outfit! You need to learn how to shine shoes like they do in the army, you will never get a better shine for your shoes! Kayleigh, I hope you have fun with girl's camp!

Love you, talk to you next week!

Elder Samuel A. Burge

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