Monday, May 19, 2014

People did not guess it was me!!

Our zone meeting was good, people did not guess it was me! (The missionaries all played a game where they had to guess whose picture was whose.)

The whole blonde hair thing really threw people off. It's interesting to see the changes we make as we get older and life refines us a little bit. Looking back at pictures of myself on mom's Facebook page throws me back a bit! It's weird (I say that a lot, I know).

Well that's awesome Silas is trying things out testing the waters with JROTC. My companion, Elder Snow, made a comment when I told him about Silas taking that course. In the words of a General Ackbar, he said, "It's a trap!~". Take that as you will, he said he did it for three years and ended up thinking it wasn't something he wanted to do. He can shine shoes like a boss though! The army tactics with paint-ball guns actually sounds pretty sweet though! Well, if he's willing to put forth the physical effort I'm sure he could get through all that military stuff alright- especially since he's now bigger than I am.

Tennis is awesome! I really like playing tennis actually, we've done it occasionally for preparation days. Kayleigh will be going to Wimbledon before she knows it! That will be sweet to do it with your friends who are also on the same skill level. Doing things with your friends is pretty awesome too!

It's good to hear Ben has finally gotten over that, "I can't do math, but I can use the same logic to do computer programming" thing. He's always been good at thinking, especially with computers. (Not always with his arguments though..!) Great to hear he's doing well with school too! Yeah, I wrote him a reply, hopefully he's gotten it. Sometimes the iPad has issues like that.

Our week was good. We found some more people to teach, a less-active family that moved here recently. Finally got to see a family we've been meeting with for awhile. Ryan, the father, was really sick all this week and ended up making a trip or two to the E.R. Luckily he and his family are doing alright though, which is good. We haven't met with them in awhile, so we scheduled a lesson this week. We've got quite a few things set up for this week, so I'm excited for that!

It's transfers, the last one before we get our new mission president in July! It's absolutely crazy- going to be very different with a new guy in charge! Our transfer is going to be five weeks to accommodate for Pres. Ballard coming into Portland. I'm going to miss President Morby and Sister Morby, they've been awesome..! But such is life, hopefully he'll transfer me somewhere awesome before he leaves!

Well, gotta' go! Love you!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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