Monday, September 2, 2013

This week felt like it dragged on quite a bit


Things this week have been increasingly slow- we picked up a new family to teach on Monday (which went very well), but we didn't see anybody at Church and we didn't really teach any lessons this week. This week felt like it dragged on quite a bit, so hopefully this week will go by quickly and productively.

Ethan told me he was getting deported, which is pretty hilarious! I didn't know that worked both ways! Hopefully he doesn't have to say goodbye to Mexico (I know he loves it there), but I told him that if he does have to get re-deployed anywhere in the U.S. it's going to be Portland.

I'm glad to hear that Silas go the job and is finally going to be making some money! That will be awesome for him. I think that's probably the biggest problem with going to school while living back home, it's incredibly hard to get out there and meet people. I'm definitely going to move out and live either in a dorm or apartment when I'm going off to college- I want some the college experience and that's the only place you can get it! I think he'd fit in pretty well in a Spanish branch!

It's also good to hear that Mom is enjoying her classes! It sounds like she's having fun with all the creative ways to teach the little ones in her classes as well.

It's interesting to see how much things are changing back home- it's going to be weird when I get back into reality. I lost my SD-card for my camera, so I wasn't able to take any pictures this week. Luckily though, I found it at the church-house that we email from occasionally (which is why you're getting an email today!)

Well, I love you guys. Hope you have a great week!

Elder Samuel A. Burge

P.S. - I can't think of anything else I really need from home. Thanks for sending the suit, I'm going to enjoy that.

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