Monday, September 9, 2013

I rolled my ankle…It’s totally good now though.


I did get my suit from the office a few days ago! Thanks for sending it, I'm super excited to wear it! (Haven't had the chance really, and haven't taken any pictures in it either.) 

It was another slow week here. We had one day full of lessons and things going on, but half of them fell through. The lessons we did teach were really good though, so that's not too bad. The family that we've been teaching is doing good- they're such good people and they even came to church yesterday. It was really good to see them there, and I think they really enjoyed it. (The husband makes some really funny jokes, like him fighting off the elder's quorum when they tried to put the chip in him! He's got a good sense of humor!) 

So earlier in the week (Tuesday, I think) we were playing dodgeball in the morning with all the elders, and I ended up rolling my ankle! It was very painful, and my ankle was swollen and bruised most of the week. The first two days were really painful, trying to walk on it. I was limping around, it was terrible. It's totally good now though- healed up really quickly. Luckily we were driving the car this week. 

Honestly, it's been a rough few weeks for me and this week wasn't really any better. It's been a variety of things, all of which just keep happening. There was an elder that I really liked who'd been having a hard time, and I found out the other day that he's left- that was extremely discouraging. I got his contact info, so I'm definitely going to write him and see how he's doing but I was sad to see him leave. I'm also really tired of being in this area- I hate how long we usually stay where we're at (6 months). It's a really small area, and I've knocked just about every door in it. I'll be gone here (hopefully) after this transfer, but I'm extremely ready for a change of scenery. 

I would've love to have seen Tyson's family! We would've had to talk with the big cheese (President Morby), but I think he probably would've been alright with it. I heard about Tyson's grandpa dying- I bet that has to be tough seeing family pass away on your mission. Hopefully he's doing well, I'm sure he'll be alright (he's a tough guy.) 

I'm so excited to hear that Silas is enjoying his job doing custodial work at the elementary school! That's such a good job- he get's paid pretty well, and he doesn't have a ton of hours! I mean, it would probably be nice to get more hours (since he's make more money), but for where he's at it's freaking sweet. That's really good that they're getting to the pool to work out- I wish I was better in the water. I couldn't swim to save my life hardly! Hey, I think it's awesome that he wants to get into shape. Don't know why you'd want to be a Navy Seal (I'd never become one), but the sky's the limit! Perhaps someday when I'm back I'll have to drag Ben off to a real university and we can experience the college life-style together. 

Well, have an awesome week. Love you guys! 

-Elder Samuel A. Burge 

Dodgeballer’s ankle

Praying comes naturally to Brother Mantis!!!

Biker Dude!!!

Poor Elder Olsen got stuck lugging all the books?!

He’s not leaving till someone gets a discussion!!!

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