Monday, September 23, 2013

I'm tired of looking back on our statistics for the week and seeing a bunch of zero's... Training has been a lot more difficult than I thought


Cooler weather has definitely hit us here in Portland: the rainy season has officially begun. It's hitting around the 70's this week and it's been raining pretty heavily the past three days. I'm loving the weather, it's a lot cooler when we're out and about and it makes you feel like you're in Portland!

It's been another one of those rough weeks definitely.

On Saturday we went by to visit a family that we'd started teaching- amazing people that I love so much, and they ended up deciding they were going to check out other things and put a stop to the lessons for now. They loved coming to church and talking with us about Christ, but they've got various things that they have a hard time agreeing with, and just various concerns. It was just tough because we've been dropped by quite a few people the past several weeks and our teaching pool is slower diminishing.. On the plus side, we're going to give somebody a tour of the church-house on Tuesday. There's a man that we met knocking doors and after talking with him (he said he wasn't a believer) we ended up setting up a time to show him around our church and to talk with him a bit. He had a friend in Arizona (where he moved from) have quite a few philosophical discussions with him and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon. That was a good experience this week.

Despite that, it's just felt like things haven't been going well for me as of late, and it's discouraging. I'm tired of looking back on our statistics for the week and seeing a bunch of zeroes... Training has been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, too. We haven't been getting along super well, and I've just felt very stressed trying to make sure that I'm doing what I need to be doing to help him be a good missionary.. I'm just very tired, to say the least.

This week has been quite hectic at the Albert's house- they've taken on the project of re-tiling their laundry room. (full-on HGTV mode.) They had their daughter and their son-in-law come into town so they could crank out tiling the floor in like two days. Lots of loud noises, drilling, mixing, etc. They had a flood-light and a mixing station outside their house which looked like they were about to go excavate some archaeological ruins or something. I like their kids, but I always get to feeling uncomfortable when they're staying with us. It just reminds me that this isn't a permanent thing and you feel almost like you're intruding on them quite a bit. It's been interesting, but the tile looks good!

Sounds like it's been a pretty interesting week for everybody! Sorry to hear that it's been a rough week for you, Mom. It's crazy how people can get over little things like that. I'd like to think she's just having a hard time or something, but that's still no excuse to treat anyone with that much disrespect. I can attest first-hand to how great of a mom you were, don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise! I don't think there could have been a better mother to love and raise me the way you did.

I hope you all have a great week this week! I love you guys.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

 Heading out in search of non-zeroes

Mixin’ grout

Tile layout

My pre-mission suit is now mission-approved!!!

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