Monday, September 16, 2013

So I had a pretty lucky/funny experience this week


That's pretty funny- those two (Silas & Brock) are now working together. It's good that they both have jobs now!

Yeah, this week was pretty alright. We had the lady we'd set a date with come to church again today, so that was really good. We also found this other woman, Misty, whom we'd found knocking doors in this apartment complex. She'd been looking to get back into church, and she said that she had talked with pretty much everyone except us and that it was about time we came by! Funny enough, she's actually just inactive, she'd been baptized as a kid and just stopped going after high school. So after like eight years she came back for the first time! I think she enjoyed it, and we hope to keep teaching her and to help her gain a testimony.

This week was extremely hot, and we lost our car because of all the sister missionaries coming into the field. So now we're full-time bike. Air-conditioning and luxuries like radio/music are going to be missed. I don't mind too much though. It was another slower week, so we spent a lot of time outside on the bikes. It's started raining again, so I think summer is just about over for us here in Portland.

We've been hitting up apartment complexes this week, and we get to talk with a lot of people that way. We met quite a few interesting people- some people that we can hopefully teach more. There was this younger guy in his twenties, Tony, who walked up to his apartment door as we were standing there. He said he'd talked with missionaries before, and so we came in and talked with him a bit. We also met a lady from Congo who we set up another time to come visit with her- but she wasn't there when we came back. I think she just forgot, but we'll keep trying.

So I had a pretty lucky/funny experience this week. We were about to go knocking doors in this apartment complex and so we rode up to this post so we could lock our bikes up. Right next to this post in the street is a rain-gutter, and as I'm putting my key in my bar-lock they fell out right over the drain- but as luck would have it my keys fell perfectly onto one of the bars so half of my keys were on both sides of the bar! I was laughing so much, Elder Olsen was mortified when I dropped the keys and thankfully we didn't have to fish them out somehow!

Glad to hear Ben is at least getting out and socializing with people- that's always good. I'm sure he'll find some more people to hang out with soon. He's just got to roam the campus a little bit, I'm sure he'll run into some people to meet eventually.

Well, I guess it's comforting to know that missionaries all over the world have rough weeks. I figure there needs to be an opposition in all things (the rough weeks), but I wish it was an even opposition and now good little moments mixed in with lots of long, tedious, and exhausting ones.

Well, I hope you all have a great week.

Love you,

Elder Samuel A. Burge

P.S. - I bought an ugly, Hawaiian shirt. It's my "P-day Hawaiian".

Perfect P-day attire

P-day Hawaiian

Is that a Zelda sword in the lower right corner?

“Berry” interesting

Oregon farmland

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