Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Companion – Elder Snow!!


Well, for us General Conference was pretty alright. I loved the various talks, but we ended up not being able to get anybody to watch it with us at the church.. That was too bad, but it happens. Apparently I spoke as well, so that was nerve-wracking! The quorum and I went for some grub at Apollo Burger afterwards, good times..! haha

Kayleigh’s attempt at conference humor. 

Well, Elder Freshour has been transferred- At least one person from every companionship got transferred yesterday, with the exception of one set of sister missionaries! It's quite a change-up, but I'm excited to meet the new missionaries. Elder Snow is my new companion, he was in my old district down in Lake Oswego so I already know him really well! He's a good guy, so I think it'll be a pretty good transfer! Elder Freshour went pretty far out, he's off near Damascus/Sandy (south-east of Portland). Lots of change-ups, got a new assistant to the pres. My favorite zone leader Elder Bennett is now going to get absolutely no sleep and deal with everybody's problems. Can't say I'm too jealous..!!

Our week was honestly quite slow.. We had quite a few lessons actually planned and one by one they fell through. Just another week in the life, not a big deal. We got some people (two less-actives) making stellar progress though! It's awesome, but we seriously need to find more people to teach... I'm tired of knocking doors! Elder Snow has brought some cool experiences in the like.... twelve hours? We had some lady stop and ask us for a copy of the Book of Mormon at a street corner, another lady with Mormon relatives stopped and talked with us after that for like ten minutes. Then later on at like 8:45 we come across is homeless guy from Texas walking this homemade cart (attachable to bike and car) needing help moving his homeless encampment behind this strip of businesses of T.V. Highway! He'd hit some hard times, so we helped him move his cart and some other things. His dog is vicious and terrifying, I thought it was going to rip somebody's leg apart if he got loose. Well, he told us his story and we talked for a bit about getting on a better path. Gave him a Book of Mormon and challenged him to seek out the missionaries when he got back to Texas (he was heading that direction to get back home). It was sweet! Definitely one for the journal, I hope he seeks them out (or at least reads and prays).

The weather is warming up here, and now that General Conference is over the jackets are off! (The elders are stoked about it, but for some weird reason the sisters don't even seem phased!)

We had a little breakfast get-together at the church building the morning of transfers and hung out, signed journals, took some pictures, etc. I really am going to miss some of the missionaries that are leaving, but I'm excited for new people! Some of the sisters make jokes about my unrighteousness dominion now, so I think I'm truly leaving my mark here!~

Well, sorry I haven't sent pictures in a few weeks.. I can't get to a computer nearly as easily these days, and the church building closest to us with computers is remodeling the family history center so that's been a problem. Got lots of pictures to send though, eventually!

Well, I love you and have an awesome week!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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