Monday, March 31, 2014

It was raining pretty hard…It was pretty successful though


This week was pretty good. Seemed a bit long at points, it was raining pretty hard most of the week and we did a lot of door-knocking. It was pretty successful though- we taught this Mexican guy right there on the spot, and set-up a lesson for later this week with a younger African fellow. He was a child soldier in Rowanda!~ You meet some crazy people on your mission!

It was a good week for the entire district! Everybody had a lot of success! There hasn't been a whole lot of finding hours from most of the missionaries, but after some encouragement I got a couple to at least put in a few hours. After that, We had like five investigators found from just hitting the pavement and talking with people! Needless to say it was a pretty sweet moment. I also gave my first baptismal interview this week, which was really enjoyable! It was a pretty spiritual experience for us both, so I think I'm going to enjoy doing more of them!

We had another cool experience this week, our ward mission leader was out collecting fast offerings and some older guy came up and asked him for a copy of the Book of Mormon. He asked if he was meeting with missionaries and he said he'd talked with us before, then gave him his information. We then got a call from our ward mission leader about it and so we decided to pay him a visit! Well, the lesson was a bit all over the place with lots of extremely skeptical questions, but by the end of the visit he wanted us to come back and said he'd read and pray from the Book of Mormon. Then we found he was also dying of a terminal cancer and his odds weren't looking too good! He seemed to be taking it alright, but that's gotta' be hard.

Other then that, not any too interesting. Glad to hear that your spring break was enjoyable! We had a few days being (mostly) alone. Their son was around, by he was in and out most of the week. It sounds like Ben is getting into the game! I'm excited to see how his dating endeavors go! Tell Silas I know a few elders that want to go into the military when they get home from their mission. It'd probably be better if you were more spiritual anyways— there's a lot of bad stuff going on behind the scenes in army camps, etc. That's awesome that he liked the open house for the National Guard.

We helped two people move back to back on Saturday, it's been awhile since I helped anybody move. Now that spring is here I'm pretty sure that we'll be doing a lot more of that. That's okay by me though, I kind of enjoy helping people move. I don't get as many opportunities to do service as I'd like here. I bet that since Dad is in the elder's quorum presidency he helps with a lot of those things, I find that it's mostly them there when it comes to move.

Well, I gotta' go! Got a whiffel ball tournament to win— I think we found a new preparation day activity, it's really fun.

Love you,

Elder Samuel A. Burge

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