Monday, March 10, 2014

My brother is living a life of crime?!

It has been a pretty long week- a good week, but I've been pretty exhausted. Just with walking everywhere (Elder Freshour's brakes went out and he almost got hit by a car- so we're working on getting that fixed) and it's been raining pretty hard all week has left me thoroughly soaked and ready to fall right asleep every night.

Glad to hear that Cody is doing well! Hermiston is more south-central in the state and isn't in the Portland mission. I think I'm going to give my homecoming talk on whether or not Judas Iscariot was foreordained to betray Jesus Christ or my explanation of the hieroglyphs/pictures found in the Book of Abraham- it's kind of a toss-up at this point! (Both really important to salvation and stuff. haha)

Yeah, there's a crazy amount of missionaries in Portland- it still blows my mind how much work we're able to find. It goes to show that God hastens His work in his own due time and he's constantly preparing people to hear the message! I mean, just within our area we have some missionaries teaching quite a bit (like fifteen lessons a week) and that's within like half of a ward boundary! We recently as a mission fasted to find more people to teach, and before we even finished our fast we were able to set up a really firm lesson for later this week and some guy came up to us on the street to talk! Came up to us- that doesn't happen ever! It's not like he's already prepared to be baptized or anything, but still that's pretty sweet.

It's a small world, I've learned time and time again on my mission- we tracted into a lady the other day that works at the Miller Sports Park in Tooele! She flies out there for two weeks like once a month and stays in some apartment/house not too far from the industrial area where the school district office building is at! It was the strangest thing, what are the odds of that? (She wasn't interested though, but super friendly and nice!)

I love the missionaries in my district though, they're all really awesome and hard-working! Our district meetings have been fantastic and it makes me feel like I'm not a complete failure when it comes to my new responsibility! I'm glad that you've got the paperwork, that pretty much makes things official. You can put it on the fridge or something!

Silas had a run-in with the police! (Silas and his friends found some old firecrackers and we’re setting them off at the edge of town and somebody called the Sheriff about possible gun shots fired.) Way back when I was in high school I had a few encounters with the local police department.. I think I told you about most of them! Anybody that says they're not phased by getting pulled over, etc. is lying!

I think every missionary is different but I think dating isn't too high on my list of things to think/worry about when I'm back home.. I think the thought of what to do about college and schooling stresses me out enough, and then start talking about dating and all that stuff- I don't dwell on it, it freaks me out!

Thanks, I love getting mail. I've still got to write Kayleigh a letter back, I've just been so busy the past week or two that I haven't had any time really at all to sit down and write.. I think I'm most excited for the freedom of not having such a rigorous and busy schedule when I get home- I hate always going and feeling like there's never a break (which is also why I feel so tired all the time).

Anything you could send me. Well, don't bother sending me anything like a case for the iPad. I guess they've discouraged missionaries from getting new cases, keyboards, etc. I think if you could send me a Moleskin journal (you can find them at Barnes & Noble, simple black notebook) that would be appreciated. I found another small journal I've been using but I'm running out of room in that one. Maybe some socks, nothing fancy, but different colors besides plain ol' black! Maybe if you could find some grey or blue socks, possibly some argyle? I had a sweet pair of grey socks Grandma and Grandpa sent me, but we walked so much one day that I wore holes in them... I was devastated, but I've learned my brown wing-tips will chew up thinner dress socks if I walk around in them for hours without ceasing! And the usual candy, treats, etc. are always appreciated! Maybe homemade bread?

Well, I love you all! Keep Silas off the streets before he starts slinging dope or something!

Sincerely yours,

-"District Leader" Elder Samuel A. Burge

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