Monday, April 14, 2014

Member Missionary Work Is Important!

Hello everybody,

My week has been, from the sounds of it, pretty similar to yours. It's good to have Elder Snow- he's an awesome companion and it's been sweet to have him in the area. We've had a bit of slower week, nothing really worked out, people were sick, etc. So that was kind of crummy, but we managed to find a few good potentials and set-up like three or four lessons! So it was good in that respect. Our ward however had a baptism this week, which was sweet!

The district is doing well- everybody in the district gets along well and the new companionships are doing awesome together! It's good because then I don't have as much crap to have to deal with! My district is good though, I love 'em!

I'm so glad that everybody actually watches General Conference! That's super funny- when I saw that picture I laughed pretty hard. It was something awesome to find when I got onto Facebook. We met a guy at a bus-stop at like 8:30 and I got him to add me on Facebook and we talked with him through the chat this week! It was pretty neat, we don't do too much with Facebook so it was exciting to actually do something on the computer!

Yeah member missionary work is so important... It's the struggle with every missionary is that ever-daunting question of "how can I get the ward involved with missionary work?". It's tough, but it's possible. We're hoping to get things moving forward here in Aloha, we have this invite Sunday where we're challenging the members to make Easter baskets to hand them out to their non-member friends/neighbors with Finding Faith in Christ DVD's, copies of the Book of Mormon, etc. It's in two weeks (week after Easter), so we'll see how it goes!

Well, not much else to talk about this week. I love you, have an awesome week!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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