Monday, November 4, 2013

Missionary Halloween


It's been a pretty good week for us here in Willamette. We had a few lessons cancel (which is nothing new), but we've had some pretty alright lessons with some of the people we've been teaching. There's a family we've been meeting whose been going through a difficult time - the father/husband passed away earlier this year. We went in to teach them the plan of salvation, which ended up being a pretty terrible lesson. It was all over the place - and a bit frustrating. I think it's definitely a lesson we'll need to go over with them again, but the spirit was there and they ended up coming to church yesterday (which was good). They are a really cool family- they have a really impressive sword collection and so I nerded out with them over that. One of the boys in the family, whose around my age, has autism so it was a bit rough for him sitting a midst the sea of people in sacrament. He's pretty funny, and such a great person!

Our Halloween was pretty interesting - we did quite a bit of service in the afternoon. I really like the opportunity we get to help out at this local food pantry run out of this quaint little Methodist church nearby our apartment. It's a lot of fun to help out there, the people that orchestrate the whole thing are incredibly friendly and warm people and it's cool to help people out. After that we went and helped this lady who was moving out break down boxes and sort out the remaining junk she had after some moving company took care of the actual moving of the furniture (best move service ever). The lady was really appreciative and we collected some pretty sweet stuff for our apartment! A couple of really interesting pictures (the one leaning on the whiteboard, for example) and even a couple of fishing poles!

In the evening we were specifically instructed to stay inside and do our weekly planning after dinner, so our ward mission leader, Brother Bradford, took us out to this freaking delicious barbecue place in Oregon City. So my Halloween at that point was complete, as I was stuffed with succulent baby-back ribs! Afterwards we did our planning and just messed around in the apartment until it was time to hit the sack.

We'd met quite a few interesting people knocking doors this week too- some lady that used to be a member but is now a very born-again Christian. She seemed like she'd hit the wine a little bit too early to be frank, but she was very nice and friendly. We also met this really cool guy who's brother that he lives with plays for the Oregon Trailblazers! We had a pretty philosophical discussion with him at his mailbox- he'd taken a philosophy class in college and had been questioning life quite a bit lately. He said he usually didn't get his mail until it had piled up after like a week, but that day he'd just decided to go out and grab it really quick. He said that he isn't a big believer in coincidence and he thought it was interesting after he'd pointed out this inspired situation we'd found ourselves in. Long story short though, he was awesome and maybe, just maybe, we can start teaching his brother so I can say that we taught an NBA basketball player!

Well, it sounds like it's been an interesting week for all of us. It's weird that they've split up the wards back home like they have- I'm not going to recognize anybody. Janica's now in our ward now, which is kind of strange. It's cool and all, but still strange.

Well, I love you guys. Hope you have a good week.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge


Moving treasures

Ready for Halloween

This is why Elders can’t have mustaches

All dressed up and nowhere to go

Photo bomb

Very Portlandian Nissan

It’s good officer!!  We have Tiwi.

Somebody scared most of the leaves off that tree 

Crisp November sky

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