Monday, November 25, 2013

Incredibly good week for us…I saw my first musical

It's good to hear from you all this week, it sounds like the past week has had it's ups and it's downs for you definitely. Hopefully Ben doesn't have anymore car troubles and nobody else gets sick, but at least you have good eats this week! 

I'm pretty familiar with lessons falling through, I think that's just a common theme among missionaries in general. This week was an incredibly good week for us though. We'd prayed and fasted on Sunday for more lessons and sure enough we'd ended up teaching quite a few this week (which was really good). One person (a less-active member) let us in on Monday night and we had a pretty neat experience with him. We'd shared a spiritual thought with him- and he started talking about a friend he had back in Utah. I had the thought, "He totally wants a blessing" and sure enough as he kept going on in this story he ended up asking for a blessing to in the very least help him with his Parkinson's disease. It was an interesting experience- so we're going to fast with him and (hopefully) bless him so that in the very least he'll get some relief from his ailments.

We had some pretty good success with knocking doors this week also- there were quite a few people that said we could come back another time. It's been incredibly cold here though (well, for Oregon anyways). It was like 30 degrees last night and so we've been shivering and cold this entire week. When it doesn't rain and there's no overcast the temperatures get really cold- because the clouds not being there allows the heat to escape. We've had some really incredible views of Mt. Hood this week though!

I saw my first musical this week- the Lake Oswego stake put on "It's A Wonderful Life: The Musical" over the past few days. It was pretty good, but... It was put on by a bunch of amateurs and that definitely shows (some of the singing was pretty gnarly). All in all, I enjoyed it though and a lot of non-members came. We went with this great couple that we know in the area- it was pretty good.

It's been a pretty good week- I'm excited for Thanksgiving, I can show my gratitude but just sitting around and eating turkey all day with this sweet family in our ward here. I tried to acquire myself some apple beer for the week but unfortunately Oregonians have never even heard of the stuff (too bad, but I'll survive). We're also probably going to run a 5-k called the "Turkey Trot"- so we'll see how that goes.

So- for the month of December we get to listen to ANY Christmas music we want, so I hope that you're looking for good Christmas albums to send me! I'd love it if you could find me some of the Relient K Christmas albums, possibly any good Christmas albums that Silas could find for me would be really sweet too.

So I think just sending it to the mission office would be alright, but there might be some delay in it getting to me (only like a few days). So my current address is:

1745 16th Street
Apt. #5
West Linn, OR 97068

Either way works- also, President Morby is really pushing for the missionaries to switch over to the shoulder-bag versus us walking around with backpacks on our suits looking like idiots so that might be something to consider in the Christmas shopping.

Well, I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving week. I miss you all and hope that everything this week goes good! Try not to drink too much apple beer without me.

Love always,

Elder Samuel A. Burge

Apple Beer – a Utah original

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