Monday, November 18, 2013

Failing in Willamette


It's been an incredibly slow week for us here in Willamette- we didn't have a single lesson this entire week! We had a good solid four lessons at least planned and one after another they all cancelled on us. It was a rough week but we've been fasting and praying to get some divine intervention or something, because not teaching all week is freaking terrible.

They even named a street for me in my honor

We've been teaching a lot of classes at church the past two weeks. Last week we taught a lesson on missionary work in the elder's quorum and this week our gospel principles teacher had some things come up so we ended up teaching that class yesterday on everybody's favorite topic of discussion- the Second Coming! It turned out to be a pretty alright lesson for us- but we were definitely not looking forward to teaching about that particular subject. Again though, it turned out to be alright. It was pretty funny though- the gospel principles teacher and I had a good 5-10 minute conversation on the phone about Lord of The Rings when he called to ask if we'd teach the class in his absence!

I had an exchange with the other elders here in West Linn on Saturday- probably the best day out of my week this week. We went to try out this little hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant by their apartment and I got a call from this priest in the Willamette ward that "somebody (not a teaching opportunity sadly) wanted to meet me". So I told him that we were at this “HORRIBLE” Chinese restaurant and so he shows up with my first district leader, Elder Adam Manwill! He's been home for like 9 months now, but he had come back up to Portland to visit for the weekend! It was totally unexpected, especially since he was rockin' a full beard (didn't even recognize him at first). So we talked about how he was doing and what it was like being home- and I don't know if I told you this but my trainer got married last week! It's crazy, he's only been home two months but he and his girlfriend got hitched last week. It's pretty crazy stuff.

After that unexpected surprise, my good friend Elder Christensen and myself ended up teaching two out-of-the-blue lessons and they were some pretty powerful lessons! We'd talked to this one lady who'd been referred to them by their members- had a great lesson with her outside on the porch. She'd read some verses on baptism that just really stuck out to her and so I asked her why she thought that particular passage stuck out. She said, "Hmmm- I guess I didn't think about it." and we testified about the gospel, and it was sweet. (I want more of these kind of lessons in my area...) Either way, it was a great exchange- got some dang good elders in this district.

Splits with Elder Christensen

For Thanksgiving- we get the whole day off some I'm not quite sure what our plans are. I know we're going to eat with the Walker family in our ward- she's an amazing cook and I guess they have a huge feast that feeds like a hundred people! I'm going to be trying a smoked turkey for the first time- apparently, from some rather bold claims coming from the members here, once you eat a smoked turkey you'll never look at a roasted turkey the same way ever again... I'll be the judge of that come Thanksgiving though..!

That's exciting that mom is going to be a counselor in the Relief Society! It's cool that you get to be a counselor with Janica's mom- I'll have to write her about it! Now she can usurp unrighteous dominion over all the ladies in the ward! (I usurp unrighteous dominion over Elder Pearson daily because I'm the senior companion!) But seriously though, that's really exciting- it will a great experience to have that kind of a stewardship, it's always humbling and a time full of growth when you get called in a capacity like that. How's being a counselor in the elder's quorum been for Dad?

Sounds like it's going to be a good week for you all back home- I can feel it! I wish I could be with you all to celebrate Silas' 17th birthday (which is freakin' weird), especially since it's at Tucanos..! I hope you have a great birthday- I love you with all my heart and soul, Salad Van Ludwig. I love you all so much.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

Crazy adobe house

Check this out

Is this Dr. Seuss looking or what?!

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