Monday, July 22, 2013

Trip to St. Vincent’s

 Hey everybody, 

This week has been pretty good- we taught a few good lessons with some people, had some fun experiences. One of the guys we're teaching, Aaron, is apparently getting his degree in theological studies so that was pretty interesting to discuss the gospel with him.

So this last Tuesday we had to go up to St. Vincent's hospital to visit one of the assistants, Elder Jones, who had broken his ankle like 4-5 weeks prior. I guess he'd gotten an infection in his ankle so they had to put him in the hospital to get it checked out on Sunday. We got a call from Elder Visser that he needed us to pick up his phone charger, his scriptures, and some Mickey D's because they were starving. It was pretty fun actually, just getting to drive up and visit them in the hospital for the morning. It was wicked nasty though, one of his doctors came in to examine his infection and how it's swollen and oozing (it was like a volcano). So he pokes it a little bit, and decided to take a culture swab to have it checked out. He pulled out this big ol' Q-tip and I thought he was going to just dab some of the ooze that came out when he poked it, but he just shoved half the swab into his freakin' ankle right into the incision! Elder Jones’ face was priceless because he could feel the swab inside his leg and he did not enjoy it! It was pretty funny- but he's on antibiotics now and should be all good!

Jones & Visser

The Ankle

A room with a view

So since we split a car week-to-week with the only other elders in our district (Elder Hendrickson and Elder Richey), we usually get all of our groceries together, go to the library to email, etc. So Elder Richey and I wanted to get some Subway instead of burgers, hence the temporary exchange so we could walk over to the get a sandwich.

Twinkies are back!!!

Haha, I like the Davis County Harold. That made me laugh. Sounds like school is already about to get back into full-swing; that will be exciting since Mom is going to be teaching kindergarten and Kayleigh is going to be in high school!~ I feel for Ben, that can't be easy seeing people getting married and not having a whole lot of a social life. Hopefully he makes some friends soon in some of his classes, and hopefully finds a girl to take out on a date. I bet just being in the summer semester is what's preventing him from meeting a lot of people- most cool and/or attractive people would probably take the summer off (I know I would, and I'm both of those things).

Obviously !!!

He's just gotta' keep the lbs off so when the fall hits, he's prepared! I envy Silas- I miss being able to sleep...

Well,I love you guys. Hope everybody back home is doing well, and hope you have an awesome week!

Sincerely yours,

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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