Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I’m officially training my first missionary (Elder Olsen)!!!

Hello family!

That sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! Happy birthday to Kayleigh- officially fourteen years old! That's pretty exciting stuff, I'm excited to hear about her high school experience!

Silas should be totally excited, being called to secretary of anything is the best calling you could get in church (besides the working in the library which I've decided is my dream calling). All you have to do is make phone calls, write notes in meetings, etc. I always joked about being "District Leader Executive Secretary" when I was companions with a district leader- and I made everyone refer to me as such.

So I've got some exciting news- I'm officially training my first missionary! I received the call to train on Saturday evening from the assistants, and I'm now with my greenie, Elder Olsen, from Saint George. It's pretty crazy that I'm training but I was surprisingly not very nervous about it, and I'm excited to have him! He's really cool and I think he's going to make an exceptional missionary! He definitely was like me when he first started off on a bike though- but it's okay because now that I'm a well-tuned, biking machine I'll whip him into shape! Elder Schmidt got sent to Wilsonville, and I was freaking ecstatic when his name popped up there at transfers! It's going to be sweet to talk to him about good ol' Wilsonville! I don't have any pictures to send this week (it's been hectic the past two days), but I'll be sure to send you plenty of them next week.

I've really grown to appreciate Portland- the first like three months I was still pretty ticked that I wasn't off in an exotic land speaking some neat foreign language, but I've definitely grown to enjoy and love where I'm at the past month or two. My state-side pride is finally starting to develop!

It's pretty cool because Elder Richey (one of my missionary buddies) is still in the district and he's training as well, so we've just been talking to each other about it like crazy. We're pretty excited about training with each other! Unfortunately we're now in a car-share with sister missionaries so now getting around has freaking sucked! We've had to bike all day today (we usually just hung out with the other elders in our district because we shared the car with each other), and how that the sisters have the car this week both Elder Richey and myself have been stuck in our apartments/houses. We biked up to this one pizza joint that we frequent though, and that was pretty fun. Relying on your bike makes you feel like a straight-up Portlandian! (I've gotten pretty familiar with bike mechanics too- which is sweet).

Family history consultants are freakin' awesome. In fact, we've been teaching this lady who is super interested in doing genealogy so that's actually how we started meeting with her. We invited her to do family history at the church's little computer lab and the our ward's family history pro was able to get crazy into German birth records with her and they both had a ball! Since then we've even had a few good visits with her! So never knock a calling- it's all important stuff! (Plus, it's really easy- way better than teaching gospel doctrine or relief society!)

Well, that's all I've got for this week. I've got a ton of things we've gotta' get done today (so crazy right now). I appreciated the bangers and mash joke- nobody makes amazingly lame jokes like the Burge clan! Also, tell the bishop that I'm dead.

Love ya, have an amazing week!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

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