Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Transferred to Springville Ward with Elder Schmidt

Hello everybody,

Well I got the call on Saturday that I was being transferred out of Wilsonville! I've been transferred to the Springville Ward, which is closer to Portland (in fact, our address now is in Portland). We're in-between Beaverton and Portland, I think. I'm not quite sure where I'm at as of right now, but I'll get it figured out.

The area I'm in now is in the Portland Oregon Mission, so my fate has been pretty much sealed. I was really hoping to get out of the suburbs into somewhere else, but our area is even more suburban than my last area in Wilsonville. My new companion seems pretty cool, his name is Elder Schmidt. Elder Baxter is my zone leader, which is crazy! So now I'll get to see him weekly, at meetings and such. I'm not in an apartment anymore either. I'm now living with some members, the Alberts. It feels weird living in someone else's home, having a lot of house rules we have to follow by. I definitely liked living in an apartment a lot better, but a silver lining is they give us some things for free, like detergent, etc. I'm also now going to be on a bike, which I think I'll like a bit more!

It's been extremely hot and humid the past week here- summer has hit extremely early for Oregon. With the humidity, the 80-85 degree weather feels like a sauna. People aren't used to keeping their houses cool, so all I've had to keep me cool the past week or so is some little fans. I really hope it rains soon, just to cool everywhere off a little bit.

Glad to hear Mom and Dad enjoyed their anniversary; someone was talking about Cinco de Mayo a few days ago and it clicked in my mind that it was their anniversary. I'm glad Ben has a better idea of what it was like for me working as a phone-monkey in the late hours of the night! It sounds like things are going well for him at his new job though, it's good they're putting his computer skills to use!

Well, not too much time to write this week. I haven't had any time to take any pictures really, so I'll be sure and send you some next week to give you a feel of what the Springville area is more like.

Love you all, hope you have a great week.

Elder Samuel Burge

P.S. - I don't know my new address, just tell Kayleigh to send her letter to the mission office and they'll forward it to my address. I'll get that for next week, too. Also, I'll be calling this Sunday for Mother's Day- probably anywhere between 5:30-7:30 MST.

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