Monday, May 13, 2013

Jennifer’s Baptism & a Yard full of Sam Heads

On Mothers’ Day, Amy woke up and found this in the yard (there were about 30 Sam heads in our yard):

Sam got to call home for Mothers’ Day. He said he had no knowledge about who put the Sam heads in our yard. He said it was weird switching places with Ben. Now he’s the missionary and Ben is home. He is really enjoying his mission and is glad he went. He says he can’t even visualize being at home. He says he still struggles with getting up early in the morning and his companion does, too.

His new digs are actually in a family’s home. He said it’s pretty interesting, living with a member family as opposed to having your own apartment as a missionary. He is enjoying their rocking chair. He has to get a bike, but they do get use of a car every other week. He says he’s been playing a lot of basketball at church. He has also been playing Rugby on p-days and he really, really likes playing it.

He said July 1st the mission is going to really shrink. It will be really small. He says they will have 1 set of missionaries per ward, and their areas will be really small. He said his last area had two wards, and by the time he left, he felt like he had knocked every door in the area, so he’s not sure what they will do with an area that’s just 1 ward only. He is in the Cedar Mill District, which includes the office elders.

He said his understanding of inspiration, personal revelation, and the scriptures is growing, along with his testimony. Here is his follow-up letter from P-day today:

Hey everybody,

It was really good to talk with the family yesterday. I miss you all so much, everyday.

That's really sucks, every picture from the MTC is gone forever... Well, I can probably acquire them from some of the other missionaries I was there with.

Not too much to write about this week, other than the baptism we had yesterday for this lady named Jennifer. It was a really good service, and she was really prepared to be baptized. She would've been baptized sooner, but she's had a lot of medical issues in the past few months, like getting her leg removed because of diabetes.

As far as the bike situation is concerned, it's all up in the air. The office elders kind of screwed me a bit; the loaner bike I was expecting to get was snatched by another missionary a few days ago, and now they have some extremely ghetto bikes and this mountain-bike they're trying to sell me for like $200. I might haggle the guy who's selling the bike down, but I think odds are I'll just go to a bike shop in-town and buy a bike from there (hopefully a street bike, those things are awesome).

We also got to go the Columbia employee store today and I bought a freakin' sweet jacket! I'll send you some pictures. Being in there made me want to go camping really bad... But, hopefully I can get in again before I come home and snag some sweet camping gear!

Well, I forgot my camera cord at home so... I'll be sure to definitely email pictures next week! of my companion and I, my new bike (hopefully), and some other stuff. I promise!
Love you all, talk to you next week!

Elder Samuel Burge

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