Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Anthony got baptized…he is awesome!!!

Hello everybody!

Yeah, that picture was on my camera and I thought it looked really good so I sent it. That's funny because I was thinking that it would be an awesome missionary plaque picture! I'm definitely glad I sent that picture now!

It's really not too surprising to hear that Hunter's had a bit of a hard time his first week in the MTC. I know a lot of people had some difficulties adjusting to life in the MTC. The temporal aspects of it all were really easy for me to get used to. The spiritual side of the MTC was the hardest part for me so I can relate to how Hunter is feeling, definitely. Will you send me his mailing address so I can write him? I'll write him the most inspirational letter he'll ever get on his mission and he'll be set for the rest of his mission. (My letters are just that good!) I need you to get me a ton of mailing addresses, I've really wanted to see how some people are doing and unfortunately I can't get their information on my own. I'll tell you whose information I need later though.

Elder Baxter is from Taylorsville, but he didn't go to school before he left. I'm so excited to hear about Ben's endeavors when he gets back! I'd imagine he'd try to get into BYU or BYU-I definitely! Man, I can't wait to get his wedding invitation in April either! (Please tell him I said that!) As for a little package you'll send me, some homemade bread would be awesome! I can't think of anything off the top of my head, I'm sure whatever you send will be good! I just love getting mail and packages! I've finally gotten letters from all of my friends, which has really lifted my spirits a lot. Nice to know that I'm not totally forgotten!

Yeah, we had another successful baptism last Saturday in the Stafford area. His name is Anthony and he is awesome! What's funny is I think he worked for that thermal imaging company for awhile! I'll ask him and let you know! I got one or two pictures of his baptism, and I've been taking a lot of pictures. I'll be sure and take more of myself though, I'm not in most of them! I'd appreciate it if you put that micro-SD card I sent home in the package you send to me. I'm running out of space on my card, because it isn't as big as that one.

The past week has been pretty good. It has yet to really rain, which is strange for winter here in Oregon. Once it starts raining though, it won't stop for a long while! We've had really heavy fog though the past few days (which is really cool). It's so pretty here, I love it! Elder Baxter and I went running the other morning and we ran through the woods and found this cool little dock on the Willamette River, the fog was pretty thick so I took some sweet pictures of it! I've been trying to get a good workout going in the morning, and I have quite a bit of success with that. I love that exercise band that they gave us in the MTC, so I mostly use that and do sit-ups/push-ups... Not going to lie to you all though, I spend about half of my mornings huddled next to our heater half-asleep. I'm always exhausted, which sucks sometimes. I have no insomnia what-so-ever though because of how exhausted I feel (there's a silver lining to it I guess). We do have these neighbors above us that love to wake up at like 5:30 and what sounds like sprint through their apartment with their dogs!

Besides that, our apartment is pretty nice. We have a washer and dryer, dishwasher, and good heaters so we're living pretty well. Elder Baxter and I are both really clean so the apartment never gets dirty (which I'm grateful for). Tell mom not to worry, we eat like no tomorrow here in Wilsonville! We don't have a night this month without a dinner appointment with somebody. Even then, most of the people we visit always ask, "You guys want to come in? I made (insert food here) and I got plenty to share!" People out here are really nice, which I'm grateful for. I've yet to come across anyone screaming or yelling at me whilst knocking doors (which is great)! We did stop by a house the other day, and the pungent smell of weed came barreling out of his door when he opened it! Knocking doors really isn't too bad, which is good too. It has been a bit cold here though, usually around 30-40 degrees. I've been staying warm though, the -5 degree Utah weather has conditioned me really well!

I really do miss everybody back home though. Since I've been out, I've been thinking a lot about things I want to do when I get back. I really want to do more outdoor activities, like rock-climbing and mountain-biking when I bet back. I can't wait to see downtown Portland and the coast though! In a week or two we're going downtown as a district on our preparation day, and I am so excited for that! People say it's a WEIRD city, and I am stoked to see it for myself! People say I'll hate it once I'm in it for more than like an hour, so we'll see for ourselves.

Well, I hope everyone at home is doing well!

I love you all,


P.S. - I forgot to tell you, one of my zone leaders is from Tooele and we both got to talking about home! After talking I was able to figure out who he was, and I actually remember him! He was friends with Josh too! His name is Elder Taylor!

My planner

Every missionary apartment needs a full-size basketball hoop w/backboard

This isn’t Charlotte’s web, looks more like Spiderman’s

Anthony and his Elders

Some fog

Some more fog

Some fog on our jog

The “mean” streets of Wilsonville – Is the fog moving in?

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