Monday, June 3, 2013

It was sort of a slow week…

Hey everybody,

Yeah this area had a lot more work we can do, which keeps us pretty busy. Not too much progress with anybody we're teaching right now either, it was sort of a slow week.

You know it’s slow when there’s a snail on your name tag!!!

We did knock into this girl, Hannah, who's home for a few weeks from college. We taught her and it went really well, but she's leaving in like two weeks for a summer job somewhere. It's too bad, but maybe some missionaries down there can get into contact with her.

I think Thursday was just absolutely terrible. I was just in a bad mood from the second I woke up, and while we were out riding around one of the lights for my bike apparently fell out of my backpack and I lost it... So we rode the route we took that morning and mid-way in our search it just poured down rain. So we get back to the house after an hour of riding our bikes around it this pouring rain (with minimal rain-gear) and at this point our day was just ruined. I'm ticked because my front light for my bike was really nice and because I didn't zip up some pocket all the way it fell out and I have to get a new one... It sucked.

My Felt Verza

The built in bell right above the brake

My helmet and Columbia rain gear (a happier time before I lost my headlight)

This week the Alberts had their daughter and their son-in-law over so their house has been full of people all week. It was like living in an apartment building, which is pretty funny.

Check out our digs at the Alberts!!!  Bunk beds AND lockers!!!

We actually were kicked out for Saturday night because the Alberts were performing in the Portland Ensign Choir in Vancouver so a baby-sitter had to come watch their daughter's baby. Luckily the assistants to the president live in our area, and they have two spare beds, so we stayed with them on Saturday night. It was pretty fun; the A.P.'s came by and picked up our bedding and we went to Carl's Jr. for lunch (I haven't eaten there in so long, it was good). They made us play some mystery game, and it turned out to be this game that shocks you. There's four handles with a button on it and everyone grabs one, waits for this flashing light to turn green, and the last one to press the button gets shocked. It was terrible, but pretty fun!

Elder Vasser (AP), Elder Schmidt (my companion), and the shocking game!!!

 Elder Schmidt, Elder Bench (AP), and the game!!!

That's awesome that Ben is getting into the swing of things with school. I definitely think studying every morning for a couple of hours for two years improves your study skills. I think a language to study helps too, I tend to have to study just the same things over and over.. That's pretty funny that he's being tricked into dates with robust women!~ I hope he finds some college friends in some of his classes, those would be pretty good. 

That's pretty funny about Mrs. Young, way to go out in style! Does mom have any idea who the new principal is going to be? 

Kayleigh would be a good soccer player, I think! That would be really cool if she joined the soccer team. I kind of regret not playing a sport in high school, being more engaged in more extra-curricular activites. Plus, she'll get to get outta' school which is sweet. Has Silas considered doing any sports/clubs? I don't know what clubs they have at the high school, at one point they had a high school rock-climbing club but I think the teacher that was in-charge of it left. That will be awesome working a summer job baby-sitting. Silas needs to get a job soon; he needs to go get an interview at Taco Bell or something! 

Well, that's all I've got to write about this week. I finally have some pictures! hope you enjoy them! 

Love you all, 

Elder Samuel Burge 

The Hood

Surprise!!! Looks like rain!!!

Kaiser Woods Park Entrance

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