Monday, April 22, 2013

Ticked Off Neighbors & Sniper Steaks

Hey family,

I heard that Eric Keil had gotten his mission call- that's awesome that he's going to New Zealand. Nathan wrote me and was telling me about his mission call to Paraguay, which is also really exciting.

Yes, I heard about the bombing in Boston from several people throughout the week. You know, it didn't even come across my mind that Janica was in Boston either. I didn't know much of the details though. It's crazy, to think that people will go out and do things like that. The hatred and evil that's in the world- it's sad and discouraging. I can't even begin to imagine the suffering of all those people, especially those that weren't killed. To have your legs blown off, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. They'll be in my prayers, definitely.

Not too much went on this week- just been doing the usual. We were finally able to meet with a man who's been less active for a really long time. His name is John, he's an ex-Marine sniper and he's awesome! He fed us this gigantic steaks with this homemade steak sauce that he's got the recipe for. It was delicious, probably one of the best meals I've eaten since I've been out! We got to look at some of his guns too, his sniper rifle was sweet. He's been thinking about coming back to church, so we're going to teach him the discussions again.

On Sunday we got a call from President Morby, and he said that he wanted to stop by and see us while we were at church. It was extremely nerve-wracking, since President Morby only stops in to talk with missionaries when something is wrong or somebody's in trouble. Well, he finally gets here and pulls us aside in an empty room to tell us that Elder Thomas' grandfather passed away. Luckily, they knew he was dying and he thought he was going to die awhile ago so he'd been prepared.

We also got a new parking spot in our apartment complex this past week. So Elder Lloyd and Elder Udy came over to our apartment for an exchange and saw that our old spot was empty so they thought it would be funny to park in our spot. Well, turns out they just pissed off our neighbors. To the point that they left an angry note on their car! It was hilarious, so we put an apology note on their car the next day! (See the pictures for details).

Other then that, I can't think of a whole lot that's happened this week. Hope things at home are going well.

Love you guys,

Elder Samuel A. Burge

P.S. - My canteen tie is awesome.

Drinking from the canteen tie – as James Bond as a missionary can get!!!

Elder Lloyd trying to relax

Ticked off neighbor note

Our apology attempt

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