Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Was Fun But We Laid An Egg Tracting

Hey everyone,

Easter out here was good. Church was good and, as I suspected, we saw quite a few people that wouldn't normally be there attend sacrament. This one guy, Frank, showed up and we've been trying to get him to come for weeks. So that was good- plus, we were fed really well. A ton of families from the Wilsonville ward get together and have a huge feast and they invited us to join them. I was under the assumption we would be on our own for dinner that night most of the week, so it was quite the pleasant surprise.

Glad to hear your Easter was fun and everyone had a good time. I did receive both the packages, so no worries there. Thanks for the excessive amounts of chocolate and sugar, I've been eating those chocolate eggs so they're almost gone already. I inherited a drawer in my desk full of candy when I first got here, and I'd finally put back almost all of it. Needless to say, my drawer has been fully restocked.

Sounds kind of rough for Ben to adjust back into the swing of everyday life. I wish I could have been there; whenever you go to drop off a resume or anything like that I've learned to always have the back-up shirt/tie combo in your car (just in case you need it). When I got that job working at Overstock and when I went in to apply for this other call center job in Sandy I wasn't sure so I just went dressed casually but brought back-up clothes just to be safe. I needed to use the formal attire both times! I'm glad that he's looking to get a job, and I'm glad to hear that he's applied /enrolled at SLCC. Ben is a smart guy, he'll just need to take some classes, maybe a bit of tutoring, before he gets back up to speed with mathematics.

Sounds like they're having a good time playing guitar with each other. Silas is pretty good at just doing his own little improvisation- kid's got a knack for music (and Ben wasn't too bad either). Yeah, I'm sure it's been hard trying for Brock to find anyone to hang out with. Everyone has gone off to serve, headed to college, etc. He told me about how Ben has become a Minecraft-junkie (which is hilarious)! Well, I hope both Ben and Brock get it all worked out pretty soon.

This past week has been interesting; it's hard to being the only one who knows anything about our area. I've been planning everything, setting up everything, and it's been really hard. There just isn't a whole lot going on right now in this area, and it's hard to make plans when there's nothing to be done. I've managed to get through the week and was even able to get a few ideas of people would could visit this week. We knocked doors quite a bit this past week, and we got worked over by a guy on Saturday. We knocked into him and he was really well-versed in scripture, and has done extensive studying on religion, etc. He wasn't Jewish, but he partook of the Passover, didn't eat pork, etc. but he still believed in Jesus Christ. He talked about how the Sabbath should be done on the seventh day, which to him was Saturday. Elder Thomas was getting a bit frustrated because this guy would just keep talking in circles- so it was difficult, to say the least.

Other then that, it's been pretty routine. It was kind of a rough week for me though, with all the change and just kind of everything. I'm hoping to have a better week this week.

Well, hope you all have a great week! Look forward to hearing from you again next Monday.

Love always,

Elder Samuel Burge

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