Monday, February 11, 2013

Teaching, zombies, tracting, skunk poking, desserts, and chain mail

Hello everyone, 

I'll be sure to tell you all how Portland is! I'm really excited to go, we're going to try some food carts, go to Powell's bookstore, and of course, stop in at Voodoo Doughnuts! It's going to be fun, I'm definitely excited! 

Susan, our investigator, is really great. Our first lesson with her went extremely well, we had a lot of discussion about a lot of different aspects of the church. She's really interesting to listen to, and she has a lot of valid concerns. She's really funny, because she was in church yesterday and we were talking about the Second Coming in class. When they talked about the people being resurrected, she wrote on her notes, "People will be revived... Zombies?" She's got a daughter whose fifteen, and she wants to set a good example for her which I commend her for. 

On our way to a lesson with some new members the other day, we saw a lady whose care broke down in the middle of the road in a turn lane right by this intersection. We pulled over and helped push her car out of the road, but what's really funny is when we went over to help her, a member from the ward was at the window of her car helping her out. I was thinking to myself, "Yeeeah!! Mormons REPRESENT!!" It was nice to help her, and I'm sure she would've thanked us had her English not have been so poor. (She was Hispanic.) 

Yeah, we get fed so well here. I think when it comes to feeding the missionaries, it's always different. The only thing I struggle with is dessert. I'm not really big into sweets, and after feeding us this amazing meal they'll always whip out this huge dessert and I don't want to be rude so I eat it. So I'd just say if you're going feed them, just keep it simple and don't feed them a huge dessert. I'd honestly be fine with just a meal, but I'm not big into sweets so that's just me. 

We've done quite a bit of knocking doors this week, and I've got a few really good stories from it! They all happened on one day, which was really weird. But anyways: 

Our first story is we were knocking doors and we knocked into a Catholic woman. She wasn't interested, and so as we were walking away her husband opens the door and yells, "Hey! Next time you come to my house, don't knock on my door like you know me! Okay?". I just gave him a thumbs-up and told him "Uhh, sorry?" and he slammed his door. Then the house right next to us was really nice, and we ended up walking away from the house with a box of thin mints and samoas! But what is really awesome is the family we spoke with liked us so much that they ran out and gave us a free box of girl scout cookies! It was freaking sweet! 

We also went knocking doors in a different neighborhood, and on the way there I saw a homeless man poking a dead skunk on the street corner with a handkerchief- it was freaking hilarious! When we got to the neighborhood we met a woman who was just really weird. She opens the door, and I asked her how her day was going and she says "It was going well." and then she told us to "prance along like you do". She said this all in the most monotone voice I'd head in a long time. Silas would get this, but she sounded (and looked like) Ms. Coyle if she was really bored. 

I've really enjoyed having dinner with members, there are some really great people out here. We had dinner with the Hofmanns, and they're freaking sweet. He was going to teach us how to play Magic: The Gathering but we ran outta' time because he was cooking us this Russian food. He came up to us at church yesterday with this idea for a missionary wrist communicator like the original Power Rangers had and he really had thought it out. He was talking about using a Bluetooth microphone/speaker, and I'm not going to lie I really want to build one! 

Elder Baxter and I don't know what to say when people ask us what we're going to do when we get back, so we decided at dinner one night I was going to say I was a professional LARP champion (like from the movie Role Models) We walked into their house and in his office/study thing he had a full suit of chain-mail, medieval helmets, and this sweet shield! He does real life medieval war re-enactments! I mean, this suit of chain-mail was as real as it gets. Made of steel, custom-fitted, it was really awesome! 

Well, I hope all is well at home. I miss you all everyday! Thank you so much for writing me, it's awesome to get letters/mail when I get home~ 

Love you all, 

Elder Samuel Burge 

It was a dark, wet night in Wilsonville…

What’s in your sweater?  Who’s taking your picture? And, where are your companion’s legs?!

Desk fail

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