Monday, November 10, 2014

We moved!!!

Hola, mi familia!

It was a great week for us— a lot of success, which was great! We had two people come to stake conference yesterday. Leslie, the lady with the baptismal date in December, came with us! She's been making a lot of progress, and says she's really we enjoyed meeting with us thus far. It's been only good experiences with her, which is great to see.

We also found another investigator this week and he came as well. This guy from New York that moved out here like three weeks ago to try and make a fresh start for himself! What better way to do that then meet with the missionaries, right? So we've started teaching him and so far it's been pretty good. We tried to take him to the employment center with a member, but it ended up being closed so we talked with him at this really good doughnut shop down the street (he wanted some coffee- and it was either that or Starbucks so we went there). Tried to teach him, but this old guy sitting at the table across from us kept interjecting with his comments about God. Then he asked if we could drop him off at the waterfront, so we did.. It was strange day. He came to church though, and we're going to help him stop smoking, etc.

It was interesting. We also are now having our district meetings downtown at the institute building since the elders there don't have a car. That's awesome, I love it there! The room we used had a view of these high-rise apartment buildings, and there was a homeless man sleeping by our car in the parking garage. It was great, I still love the city. It's been fun having Elder Dierks and Elder Bishop (the Market Street elders) in our district. Gives me a reason to go downtown more frequently!

So regarding my bike, I'm going to just try selling it before I leave. I will post something and try finding somebody who is needing a bike. It's a great bike, so I think it should sell quickly. If it doesn't sell, I am not sure what I will do with it. I might just leave it here (I have some friends holding it for me in their garage), and keep trying to sell the bike. I really don't want to ship it back to Utah, it's expensive..!

We did finally get the okay to move into this new apartment! It's nice, we'll be closer to the church and have a washer/dryer! We are now going to be a hub for the other missionaries! We have six elders in our apartment right now. It's okay, we have great elders in our area.

Yeah, having Facebook can be challenging at times. You see your friends back home finally doing things they used to. It's lucky I am going home in five weeks. Seeing that would be tough if I had a long time left. I can actually grow facial hair now, so don't be surprised by anything I try to sport when I get back! Going home is such a strange thing..!

Training is going well, it's been getting pretty good. At first I was struggling with it a little bit, but it's gotten a lot better. Becoming good friends with Elder Wheeler, and we've been doing some good work! It's good.

Well, I hope Ben's romantic escapades to South America go well for him! Haha, it will be interesting to see how that works out! Hopefully well! It will be weird seeing Silas in "commando mode". Has he gotten bulkier? I feel like he should be doing like 500 push-ups everyday. I am determined to get into really good shape when I get home. I am sure many elders have had this same ambition, but hopefully I can fulfill my desire.

Well, I love you guys. Talk to next week.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge


"Trunky Mess"

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