Monday, September 29, 2014

Elder Wheeler’s got the fire!!!


Well, it's been a very interesting week. Elder Wheeler's first week out on the mission! It's interesting to be training again- it's a lot different than my first new missionary, Elder Olsen. Maybe it's
because of what phase of my mission I'm in, different people have different attitudes, behaviors, experiences, etc. But needless to say it seems to be a much different experience. Or maybe my memory is just bad. That happens a lot.

Well, his first week seemed good. We had a lot of little successes and miracles, which are always appreciated. His first official "contact" resulted in a nice conversation with an ex-professor, now landscaper. (Not sure how one makes a jump like that, but he seemed happy so good for him). We gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon, and afterwards had a few solid contacts. He was so excited after that! Haha! He wanted to keep tracting the whole street. Later in the week we did, and I will
tell you it was a completely different experience for him! People were slamming doors with exceeding rudeness. He was less enthusiastic after that! Haha Breaking him in nicely.  We had opportunities to teach throughout the week- mostly members, but it was good for us. Just working on improving our teaching abilities. I wonder how well I actually taught when I was first out. He's got
fire though, and that's good! I think I lacked a lot of that when I first got out. But it was a good week.

Elder Schildknecht is in my district, and it's great. His missionary is good too, Elder Jacobsen. They've had some good experiences too. Like giving a Book of Mormon out to a stripper, and a picture they took down he first night being put back up in one of their windows. Still don't know how it happened or who done it. Weird. But either way. It was a good week, full of learning/teaching
opportunities. We still have no investigators, really. That's kind of a bummer, but hopefully we will change that! We prayed for a Sunday miracle, and surely enough we had some people we meet with who aren't very active come to church! On their own - no invite or anything! Specific prayers get specific results, it was a great experience!

Wow, Kayleigh looks so mature- I remember when she was a sassy little girl in elementary/middle school. She's grown into a beautiful young lady, and now when I get home I'll have to get stacked so I can fearfully "influence" all the pompous young suitors that come to our house. Scary older brother thing, maybe I'll give myself a scar across my eye and learn to talk like Jason Statham. Yeah, that will work..! Well, I love you guys. Look forward to hearing from you next week.

Love ya,
Elder Samuel A. Burge

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