Monday, July 28, 2014

Learned a valuable lesson on listening to promptings/impressions!


No, all the info. you sent will be useful— I will definitely be doing the spring semester, wherever that might be. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm going to try and get into BYU.. It's just been the option that has looked the best. It's got a lot of the qualities I'm looking for (minus the beards, etc.) It's crazy, I never thought I would consider it but it's got a lot going for it..!

I've got a couple of friends in the mission that have been trying to persuade me to go with me to BYU for awhile now. Most of them are just looking for roommates they'd actually enjoy living with. That can always be a gamble, I'm sure. So I'll be sure to keep you posted on things you can do to help!

This week was actually really great — started off a bit rocky though. We taught a lesson on Monday to some referrals we received, and had decided during our studies to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Well, we got there, sitting in the car, and literally had a "stupor of thought" about what we were supposed to teach and had the idea to teach the Restoration instead, Well, we promptly ignored the feeling and the lesson was terrible! Just awful, and I realized afterwards that we should've listened! We learned a valuable lesson on listening to promptings/impressions! Luckily though, they still are going to meet with us and accepted the challenge to read the Book of Mormon..!

Well, Tuesday comes around I decided to be ambitious in the kitchen with this box of Bisquick I found. So I breaded and (attempted to) shallow-fry chicken! Well in an attempt to record this momentous occasion I accidentally broke my camera and then I cooked it WAY too fast and set the smoke alarm off. Twice. I was just frustrated at that point because in the span of an hour I had completely ruined my day..! The chicken was actually really good though, and on Thursday I attempted it again with excellent success! The breading was a mix of Bisquick, salt, pepper, and lemon-pepper! It was actually pretty good so I was proud of myself for that! Haha!

By Friday, we ended having a pretty good week, lots of people (less-actives especially) let us in and had some good lessons! Hopefully help some of them get back to church! I also went on an exchange on Friday with good old Elder Meredith from the 'Bury! We had a pretty good exchange, stayed up until 1:00 reminiscing about home! That day we were in his area, so we spent like two hours roaming downtown Portland trying just to street contact! Needless to say, it's highly unsuccessful! But we walked Portland State University and that is a SWEET campus! It's awesome being right in the heart of the city! We also walked past Pioneer Square (the Max station meets up in downtown there) and came across a protest mob about violence in some Middle-eastern country! We thought it was going to get a little dicey pretty quick, but it ended up being more passive. They marched with signs and chanted down the streets! Crazy!

But yeah, other then that we ended up having a good week and hopefully this week will be even better! Love you, have a great week!

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

P.S. - I fixed my camera.. It just doesn't have an automatic lens cover anymore..!

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