Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Transferred to West Linn with Elder Pearson

Seasons greetings from West Linn!

Well, seeing as it's Tuesday that does mean that I've officially been transferred! It was kind of sad to leave the area, and to see Elder Olsen head off on his own. He was extremely nervous about getting a new companion, but I think the new duo in Springville will work wonderful things.

As for me, I've been transferred to the Willamette ward in West Linn, OR. It's literally right next to my old area boundaries in Wilsonville so I'm back down that area! I was actually really hoping to go Moreland/Milwaukie/Portland as well, but I'm very happy and content with being in West Linn. It's really beautiful here- some really great views (especially of the Willamette river), really green with lots of trees, the town itself is really cool. I went on all of my exchanges while in Wilsonville here, so I know the area a little bit already. I honestly was not expecting to be transferred here, but it's usually where I least suspect that I get placed. Our apartment is in an older part of the area, so it has pretty fun feel to it.

My new companion is Elder Pearson from Clearfield, UT- and he's freaking great! I'm his follow-up trainer, so he just got done being trained and has been out 3 months. It's only been a day, but I'm already enjoying this area a lot. I ended up meeting most of the ward leaders last night, all really funny/great people and focused on doing missionary work. That's something I think I'm most excited for, is there's a good handful of people that we can teach here- easily the busiest area I've been my entire mission. That for me is going enjoyable, because I was worried I'd be put somewhere with less-than-favorable conditions.

Last Monday after we got our groceries and went to email Elder Olsen, the office elders (Elders Buess and Lasley), and myself took the MAX for the first time and spent the day in downtown Portland! It was incredibly fun, seeing as last time I went we didn't walk around all too much. It was really cool to take the MAX and to walk the bustling streets of Portland! It was fun to go to Voodoo doughnuts, be heckled by a horde of homeless people looking for money, etc. Didn't find too many good food carts, and the good ones we'd found were all closed at the moment.They didn't open up the Market Street branch to elders this transfer, but I suspect that in the future they will so hopefully before my mission is through I'll get to serve closer to the city. A sister missionary I'm friends with serves in an area right next to downtown so she actually gets to go proselyte in the city, which I was envious of. She says it's a lot of fun, but there's actually more opportunities to serve in the city than I thought (some YSA wards, which ZL's cover, go into various parts of the city that aren't in the mission).

Well, it sounds like everybody at home is doing good. I did get my package, and I've already eaten a box of cereal you guys sent me! I look forward to decorating my new apartment with Halloween stuff.

Love you guys, have a good week.

-Elder Samuel A. Burge

The Albert’s “Doog”

Waiting for the Max with Elders Buess & Lasley

Riding the Max

Elder Lasley riding the train

Elders Buess, Larsen, & Lasley “street walking” in Portland

Donut Nirvana

It’s not always raining in Portland – just most of the time

The Alberts

My Halloween cereal feast has arrived

Bro. Beers

The McCartys

The Parkins

Elder Lasley may be in the church, but I don’t think that’s the Spirit he’s reacting to

Elder Winitana

Bro. Apple

The Call Family

Father & Son – He grew up so fast

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