Monday, March 18, 2013

A Busy Week and Mission Changes

That's so crazy that Ben’s home. I still can't believe that he's back in Utah, it's really strange when I think about it. I'm glad that his language issues are cracking you all up, what has he been doing since he got home? It's nice to see him with a nice golden-brown crisp going, hopefully I can get enough sun for at least the summer months to get a little darker. That's the biggest dilemma that all missionaries face when they arrive back home. I hope he can find things to keep him busy, get job or do something.

That is really sweet that they all came to see him, I didn't think Amy and Aaron would drive all the way out from California to welcome him back (not that it's a bad thing, just surprising). It will be really fun to be there when he's in college, meeting new people, dating, etc. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to be there for it, it really sucks that I don't get to see him for another two years.. Is he still planning on going into computers?

Well, this week had some pretty good highlights. On Thursday, we went on another exchange with our zone leaders and I went with Elder Taylor again. I love Elder Taylor, he's so funny- plus I got to go to his area in Tualatin (I enjoy going to other areas). We went to all of the district and zone meetings for that day (there were quite a few) and then we went as district leaders to Buffalo Wild Wings! It was awesome though because Elder Hendrix (Elder Baxter's trainer) and Elder Sutton, from my MTC district, were in Tualatin getting car repairs done and they ate lunch with us. It was really good to see him again, first time since I've seen him since I got out to Oregon!

This Friday was really awesome because in the evening we got to drive out to Canby, just south of Wilsonville, and go to a Portland Ensign Choir & Orchestra concert with Susan! It was absolutely amazing, the performance was great! I really enjoyed the orchestra, but the choir did an amazing job too. It was nice to do something fun like that, and I got to see quite a few other missionaries there (which I also enjoy). I took a few pictures, and Mitchell (a return missionary in Wilsonville) drove us out to Canby to see it! I can definitely feel for missionaries that are home with nothing to do. He's going to BYU-I in the fall but for now he's at home, doing absolutely nothing. It must be tough.

It's going to be interesting these next few transfers- we finally have somewhat of an idea as to the new mission boundaries! The Portland mission is going to very small and central- the coastal areas are going to the Salem, Oregon mission and even part of Portland is going to the Vancouver, Washington mission! It sucks, I was hoping to get to go more urban city area and to the coast at some points during my time here, but they've divided it all up. I don't know the exact mission boundaries, but based on which boundaries I'm in come July 1 is which mission I'll be in from that point on. I honest kind of want to go either Salem or Vancouver... I mean, I like the area I'm in right now, but I really want to go to the coast or to the city. I don't know, it will be interesting to see what happens.

Oh, another story I forgot to share about the week before last... On our preparation day, a lot of the elders from our zone got together in Tualatin to play ultimate frisbee at this park. So we're playing at this park (with my shoes off, it was great) and having a good time when these two cops come over to us. They tell us that we need to leave immediately, and wouldn't give us an explanation as to why were needed to "vacate the premises" and what-not. Well, we left and went to a different park and as we were leaving we see a ton of cop cars and a SWAT van sitting at this park and several officers suiting up for a serious gun-show. Well come to find out last week, this drug dealer who was on a most-wanted list for the FBI had made his way into a home and was fully prepared to go down with guns blazing! Crazy stuff- especially since Tualatin isn't even a rough area.

Well that's all I've got for now. I hope everyone at home is doing well. I miss you all, and hope that Ben can make a smooth transition back into the real world!~

Love always,

Elder Samuel Burge

Elder Baxter trying not to run a red light!

Concert in Canby

Oregon Scenery

A Ball Park

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